Podcasts for Business Owners

The Top 3 Podcasts all Small Business Owners Should be Listening to

The age of podcasts

More than ever before, young people are listening to and absorbing podcasts. We sat down and sorted through the clutter to bring you the top 3 podcasts you should be listening to, whether you own a small business or are wanting to turn your side hustle into a career.

She’s on the Money

This was one of the first podcasts we stumbled upon that really spoke to us. Hosted by Victoria Devine, an award-winning financial advisor, this podcast is all about empowering young Australian women who want to be more independent with their finances. The episodes cover everything to do with money, from how to budget and save, to whether investing is right for you. There is also a great episode all about side hustling with special guest Emma Edwards from The Broke Generation.

Listen to this podcast if you need financial advice and empowerment.

Episode to listen to

  1. Every day I’m (side) hustlin’

The Healthy Hustlers

This podcast is hosted by Madelyn Carafa and puts a spotlight on successful hustlers with a health and wellness twist. Think successful businesswomen giving their insights on staying mentally and physically healthy, maintaining a work/life balance and overcoming challenges, all while running successful businesses and side hustles.

Listen to this podcast if you need inspiration about overcoming challenges and maintaining a healthy lifestyle as a business owner.

Episodes to listen to

  1. Laura Henshaw & Steph Claire Smith
  2. Em Carey // The Girl Who Fell From The Sky
  3. Loni Jane // The power of a plant-fuelled lifestyle & understanding your values

Seize the Yay

Seize the Yay was created by lawyer turned funtrepreneur, Sarah Holloway. She gave up her career as a lawyer to launch her side hustle full time and hasn’t looked back. She’s talks about the ups and downs of owning your own business and how she overcomes them.

Listen to this podcast if you want a fun and light-hearted insight into how different entrepreneurs overcame challenges and found success.

Episodes to listen to

  1. Sarah Holloway // Welcome to Seize the Yay
  2. Lisa Messenger // Losing it all and loving it

These are our top 3 picks for budding entrepreneurs and business owners. Let us know what you think or if you have any other faves!